Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Cell phone Tip #12

Turning off your cell phone is effectively turning it into a wimpy paperweight. If you are in a location that will not allow you to answer your phone, rather than TURN OFF the phone, switch the ring method to vibrate. That way you will still be able to know that people are trying to contact you even if you are unable to take a call at the time. If you happen to be someone who is in the habit of texting you might even be in a position to text the person calling you and find out why they were calling. Unless you have a dead battery and the phone dies, under no circumstances should a cell phone be turned off! Thank you, that is all :)


  1. Sarah said...

    Hm. I will remember that. Although, I rarely turn my phone off. If it does turn off, it normally is because I didn't charge it!

    Oh, and that sorry looking mess of numbers and letters on my blog is supposed to be a slide show, of the New Years eve party at the Bauman's home. I have no idea why it won't work. Gr. So, it will remain sorry looking until an answer to the problem hits me.

  2. Will said...

    I am like you I never turn my phone off it is on 24/7...Certain people who will remain nameless do this though and it is a pain trying to get up with them when they have their phone off :p