Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ummmm... My mind is not like a sieve....most days!

I know... I was supposed to pick up the slack when William started school... But this week it really was like my mind was a sieve. Have you ever have so many thoughts going through your head that it is impossible to separate them? I'm not sure that make sense but that is how I have felt this week. I had so many things on my mind that I couldn't just sit down and blog about one thought.
Plus, due to the gorgeous weather, I was outside with Sam and Matthew a lot this week. One thing to mention...... Don't ever play the Daisy game with Matthew..... just don't!!!!
Hmmmm... now that I have got you interested, I guess I will have to tell you why that game is dangerous.
The daisy game involves everyone spinning around in a circle as fast a they can with their arms outstretched until they fall down. The last person standing is the winner...... (fyi I wasn't the winner, Sam was.) The daisy game can give you a very bad headache and make you feel queasy. I am not sure why it is call the Daisy game... I guess Matthew made up the name.

Another reason why I often refrain from posting:
Some times I will want to post something..... something that happened in my day or a funny story I heard. So, I sit at the computer, click new post and all the words just leave. Its like a great white cloud has invaded my thoughts... and no matter what I matter how hard I try to fight it, my post ends up coming out differently than I wanted it.

Now I must go finish Northanger Abbey.