Thursday, January 17, 2008

Notebook Blogging #2

There is a guy in class named Anthony who always sits next to me. Anthony is a pretty funny guy but he has a slight issue, he always seems to be sleepy. My alter ego being as it is, I am able to notice the signs of sleepy people, it is one of my special powers you could say. Besides that, I also know Anthony is sleepy because he has fallen asleep, in class, next to me, more than once!!

The first time it happened Mr. T. our teacher, was talking about footings and estimating the amount of concrete you need, very basic stuff. Anthony had pulled his hood over his head and was just sitting on my right occasionally nodding. After a while I hear this slight humming sound to my right that keeps getting louder. It takes me a second to realize it is coming from Anthony, he has fallen asleep.

People who have been around me know I laugh a lot, I have a funky sense of humor and ordinary things will sometimes just hit me and I will start laughing. Well I am in class trying to make sure there is nothing important being said but all I can think about is silly Anthony sitting next to me snoring away. I mean he started off soft but after about a minute he was really sawing. I was seriously having a hard time keeping the laughter back and finally after five minutes it all decided to escape in this very loud half giggle half laugh.Mr. T. turns to me and says "Everything making sense?" It was all I could do to stop laughing and squeak out an "I'm good"

My loud eruption had snapped Anthony back from whatever marshmallow cloud he was on and for the rest of the class he was able to keep he eyes open. But a few days later, the same thing happened. This time, though I was prepared, as soon as he started snoring I made myself think of antique wall scones and Thai brass ashtrays. It did the trick I did not laugh, that was until Mr. T yelled for someone to slap Anthony because he had fallen asleep again. :p


  1. Trina said...

    that was funny, will! so, was it your job to slap anthony?

    BTW, happy birthday!

  2. abigail said...

    I admire your self control, I do not think I have could have contained my amusement! I fall into laughing fits a bit too easily but what can I do?
    "I love to laugh
    Loud and long and clear
    I love to laugh
    It's getting worse ev'ry year!" :)

  3. Natalie said...

    Oh dear, that was funny! I don't think I would have been able to keep from laughing!

    I just found this blog all are hilarious! :)

  4. Sarah said...

    Hi Natalie! Welcome!!
    I'm glad you commented. It is great to hear from new readers. :)

  5. Natalie said...

    Thanks! Hey, I just realized y'all are in North Carolina! (Which means I can say "y'all" and you'll not think me completely insane!) :D

  6. Will said...

    lol yes there is absolutely nothing wrong with saying y'all, I know I have used it in several of my posts. :p

    Trina, I was laughing too hard so the guy on the other side of Anthony, Steve ended up slapping him. I forgot to add that Anthony has said he already knows what he is going to get in the class, an A, for Asleep. :p