Thursday, January 31, 2008

Notebook Bogging #3

Class has been going well. I am the type of person who likes to "learn on the job" as in, I like to actually do what I am learning to do as I learn, if that makes any sense. :p There are so many things I have learned that I want to get out and do construction-wise it is not even funny. This past week I learned how to build kitchen cabinets and fortunately I actually got to build them. We have every tool you can imagine in class, so I was able to dovetail the drawers for the cabinets which was very cool.

This week we also had a new class member, Rosco, who happens to be a dog, a Beagle and Chihuahua mix to be exact. Mr. T got him Sunday night and since he is only a little puppy and was yapping and missing his brothers, sisters and mother, he was brought to class. The first day unless he was being held all he did was whine, but by the second day he was scampering around the class and following Mr. T everywhere. I am not the type of person who fawns over puppies but I have to say Rosco is probably the cutest puppy I have seen mainly because he is so small. His legs are no longer than my index finger and his head is only a little larger than a baseball and yet he is jumping all around people's feet like any other puppy.

We have an air hose in the shop that is used for the nail guns and such, it is also used to clean up the sawdust after class. Yesterday everyone in class was introduced to Anthony's singing ability or lack thereof as he cleaned with the air hose. With the air hose full blast, Anthony started this rather comical song and dance number that involved shouting out lyrics to a song while spraying air in random places all tied together with some mosh pit type dance. It was hilarious to say the least even though I could not quite understand the song he was singing.

As soon as it gets warmer we are going to start construction on the first of two houses we will build and finish before the end of May. It actually is not that cold outside to me, but Mr T. is a warm weather person so until it is warm enough for him we can't start building. While we wait for warmer weather everyone has been given the assignment of building something in the shop. I really wish I had a house I could build cabinets for, but since I don't, I think I will probably just make some furniture. The two ideas I am thinking on are either this rather plain dresser:

Or this rather interesting looking bookcase/room divider:


  1. rahraht said...

    I'd call the dresser "simple", myself. Couldn't you "fancy it up" when you stain it? Like using multiple stain colors in a small and tasteful design?

  2. rahraht said...

    Sorry, forgot to say ... I'm here from Trina et. all's blog. I've been lurking for a while and thought I'd comment on the wonderful opportunity you have to create some good quality furniture :)

  3. Natalie said...

    I like the dresser...I guess I don't like furniture with much "fussy-ness" to it, but the mirror looks oddly disproportionate to the dresser. Like it's the wrong shape, or that dresser shouldn't have a mirror at all.

  4. Will said...

    Thanks for the comment rahraht! :) If I do the dresser it would not look that simple. That picture is just a baseline for what I was thinking about. And Natalie, I agree that the mirror looks odd. I would not be going with that square design.

  5. Sarah said...

    I like both, but especially the black shelf. That is pretty neat, I haven't seen anything like it before!