Wednesday, January 23, 2008

You Are Everything

I am not really into posting lyrics from songs but Matthew West's new album, Something to Say, was released last Tuesday and he has a song on the album called "You Are Everything" The single has actually been out for a while so you may have heard it playing on the radio. You know how sometimes a song will hit you and get stuck in your head? Well this song has been going around in my head since I first heard it several weeks ago....

Verse 1
I’m the one with two left feet
Standing on a lonely street
I can’t even walk a straight line
And every time you look at me
I’m spinning like an autumn leaf
Bound to hit bottom sometime
Where would I be without someone to save me
Someone who won’t let me fall

You are everything that I live for
Everything that I can’t believe is happening
You’re standing right in front of me
With arms wide open
All I know is
Every day is filled with hope
You are everything that I believe for
And I can’t help but breathe you in
Breathe again
Feeling all this life within
Every single beat of my heart

Verse 2
I’m the one with big mistakes
Big regrets and bigger breaks
Than I ever care to confess
Oh but, You’re the one who looks at me
And sees what I was meant to be
More than just a beautiful mess
Where would I be without someone to save me
Someone who won’t let me fall


You’re everything good in my life
Everything honest and true
And all of those stars hanging up in the sky
Could never shine brighter than You


You are
You are
Jesus, You are
You are everything

If you have not heard it, you can listen to the whole song on Matthew West's myspace. ( I in no way endorse myspace but it is nice to listen to the whole song for free if you haven not heard it)


  1. molly said...

    I love that song!!!

  2. sarah said...

    I like Matthew West, and I've never heard that song before. I need to listen to the radio more. Hopefully they will play it!

    -I can't listen to music online, due to our slow connection! :(

  3. Will said...

    Ah the dreaded slow internet connection! I remember before we upgraded, surfing was so much slower that downloading or watching videos was just a joke. You could always just buy his new cd, the whole thing is pretty good. :p