Monday, January 7, 2008

The weather is messed up

What to blog about.....Not much has happened to me in the last week, sure we had some old friends come over last Monday, then a family from church on Tuesday but nothing really blog-worthy. Well we did learn this funny game from our friends but it would be hard to describe it on here. ;) So for this past week I have mainly read books from my never ending pile...I could go into more detail about the books I finished except I know that if I start typing about the books, the post will end up being my thoughts about the subjects the books talked about rather than the books themselves and I feel slightly lazy ATM and my brain does not want to think about all I feel I could type up so I am not going to do it!

I have now typed out a paragraph that has really nothing to do with the title...The title has to do with the weather, the weather where I live to be exact. To put it simply, something has happened to it! I know readers in colder states may read about our weather and think to themselves (in a Napoleon Dynamite voice) "Lucky!" I personally do not feel this way I am actually quite vexed about our weather. Why you may ask? I will tell you why, it is currently 71F with a slight SW wind of 9 mph. Yes 71 on the 7th of January!!!!! I am serious when I say it is a little depressing, I am a happy person, not much really gets me down to any great extent but 71 in January is just wrong, we don't live in FL! I can remember January 7ths in the past where not only was it cold, we actually had snow yes, snow! Ok, I just felt like getting that off my chest, sorry if the post was a bit disjointed, maybe it is the heat affecting my brain.....


  1. Sarah said...

    Hi Sarah and Will!

    I'm sorry that I've been so slow in stopping by here (I'm finally back to using the computer again!), and saying how nice it was to meet you at the Bauman's last month!

    Sorry that you're not enjoying the weather, Will. It is warm here for a NY January. I like it- other than the mud!