Thursday, January 10, 2008

Notebook Blogging #1

The day is overcast, a crowd is gathered outside a doorway. Smoke rises like a cloud above their heads. It is break time and that means it is time to kill yourself, slowly, painfully, carcinogenicity. The group is comprised of young men in their 20s, their whole life in front of them and yet daily they stand outside and slowly destroy the most unique machine they will ever control, their own bodies. I think all this as I walk past them into the building, what caused them to get hooked on tobacco? Was it the need to fit in with their friends? Maybe it is how they deal with the stress of their life, standing outside, crowded under a brick overhang, in an attempt to avoid life's trials. It does not really matter how nicotine got it's addictive hands in their life, they are hooked. Rather dismal wouldn't you say?

Classes started this week, hence the lack of blog posts. I have urged Sarah several times to post but she keeps saying her mind is like a sieve or something. During my breaks rather than join the above mentioned crowd outside I have been writing this post in my notebook. Writing out things rather than typing them has been interesting, lots of crossed out lines and little arrows as to how things should be. Also there is the whole spelling issue, I am a pretty good speller, but without the crutch of spell check I eventually just gave up trying to think of how to spell "carcinogenicity" :p I guess it does not really matter what my notebook looks like, no one will probably ever read it but it was slightly hard to read and type up, I think this had something to do with all the arrows....

Except for the fact that everyone pretends they are a chimney in the winter during breaks, the classes have been very informative and actually rather fun. Then again I can't remember a class I have ever had that I did not enjoy, hard yes, but I still enjoyed them. I always approach class situations with the mindset that you are there to learn something and you can either view it as a chore you have to get done or you can view it as an opportunity to gain knowledge that will help you become a better person in some aspect of your life, even if it is just the ability to take well organized notes.

If you did not read my 2007 post or talked with me recently there is a chance you probably have no idea why I am back at school taking classes, if you want to know go read the post or call me or chat me up on Google talk sometime. I am writing in a notebook here, I don't feel like wasting my ink and paper on something I already have talked about. Beside someone might have missed the 2007 post and while it is long and rambles, I think it is worth reading. (Not to toot my own horn) :p Some funny things worth blogging on have already happened in class but I think I will save them for another time. :)