Friday, January 4, 2008

People being Stupid News item of the Week

Teens buried speed camera

Two Austrian teenagers have been fined £75,000 for hacking down and burying a roadside speed camera.

Peter Hochstacher and Thomas Moebel, both 19, were snapped by the camera speeding in the town of Lustenau in Austria. They used a pair of axes and a saw they had with them in their car to chop it down and then buried it in a nearby field.

But the box was found by a local farmer as he plowed his land and police who examined it found pictures of the pair on the camera inside and they later confessed to tearing down the device. A local court said the fine would cover the cost of replacing the machine.

For those not in the know, £75,000 is around $150,000....Also, unless these guys are loggers or something of that like why on earth did they have a pair of axes and a saw in their car? :p


  1. abigail said...

    Good question...