Sunday, January 20, 2008

More snow pictures :)

Little man walking..

Samuel fishing Molly's hat out of the stream.
Somebody told him to throw it in ...... alright I confess... it was me :)
Molly WAS not at all pleased.
After Sam threw it in however... he realized that since he threw it in....he was now expected to some how get it out. Hence the fishing stick...... you can see it if you look really closely.

Still fishing......
Ah ha........once he was sucessful He promptly tossed the hat to Molly.... and fell in the stream :)
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  1. Anna Leigh said...

    Where are my shots? Kodachrome

  2. Kodachome said...

    Sorry Anna- Where are my shots?

  3. Molly said...

    I will inform all of the blog readers that the reason I was not at all pleased is because it was the fourth time it had been thrown into the stream and every time I tried to get it a certain person that shall remain unnamed attempted to push me in, finally succeeding in get my leg all wet so it was freezing all the way home.