Saturday, December 1, 2007

Adventures in shopping?

Last night after work I headed over to Matt's house to hear his brother David give a speech he had to give for a class. The plan was that we would eat dinner (tacos) and then he would give the speech. I was in charge of chips, except on the way over plans changed and I ended up not having to stop and get chips. The reason the plans changed is there was nothing in Matt's house for tacos. It seemed a run to the grocery store was needed! So myself, Matt, David and another friend there for the speech, Daniel, all piled in David's car and went to the grocery store......Since I had my camera with me, this unusual event was documented:

We find the taco supply isle!

One of the selections

Daniel showing us all his preferred brand of shampoo, David is not sure what to think....

Daniel dusting David's face.....

David pointing out a good deal on chips, which we bought

The good deal on the chips was possible with Matt's VIC card

Everyone figured I should be in at least one picture :p

Daniel and his cheese

Me again outside the store.

Everyone else outside the store, I am not sure why they are leaning....

Food at long last!!!

Daniel brought some cookies which he is slightly obsessed over.


  1. Anonymous said...

    wow that looks good

  2. Anonymous said...

    what exactly is in the left pot

  3. Will said...

    Beans :p

  4. Olivia Joy said...

    I know them! It's the "gooba duo" brothers ;)