Saturday, December 8, 2007

Sarah and I singing Christmas songs

Christmas is only 17 days away so I figure the best way to end a week of posting videos is to post a Christmas video, one involving Sarah and myself no less....

Sorry this is slightly bad quality, it is 18 years old :p

Sorry if I bored anyone by just posting videos this week, tomorrow Sarah and I are heading to NY to visit some friends so this past week there was a lot to get done and I just did not have much time to blog. My sister Anna may post something while we are gone, if not, the next update will probably be next Friday or Saturday with pictures from our trip. :)


  1. Trina said...

    William - that is how I remember you! Can you believe I have known you that long? I can't. :)If you don't mind me saying, that was adorable. :)

    I thought the week of movies was great. Good variety and content. I looked forward to watching the movie of the day with Jeremy each night when he got home from work. (he reads your blog faithfully)

    Looking forward to seeing you both next week! Have a safe trip,