Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Taking Over Sarah's Room !!!!!

Molly having fun in Sarah's room! Don't worry Sarah said she could have her room while she is gone! She may be regretting it now!
Wearing Sarah's hat and holding Sarah's sign, which William gave her.
Writing a message for Sarah!
Going through William and Sarah's closet!! Humm...... does that match????
In other news the house is SO much quieter !! Every one thinks that the little kids are loud, but it's REALLY William and Sarah !! I hope the Bs have ear plugs!! Wait a minute, the Bs are used to Olivia, William and Sarah will fit right in! Tomorrow night they come home. Actually, we are starting to miss all the noise !!


  1. OMG! said...

    TAKE COVER!!!!

  2. Anonymous said...

    Mabey next time she should lock her out

  3. the grinch said...