Sunday, December 16, 2007

A rather large post on our trip

Last Sunday around 6am, Sarah and I climbed into my car to depart on our journey to NY to visit friends. We had our lunch, directions, enough warm clothes for an expedition to Antarctica and 160+ hours of Adventures in Odyssey. When we left it was still dark outside and as we drove we were greeted by a wonderful sunrise:

We drove and drove through VA, drove through WV, drove through MD, drove and drove and drove and drove through PA, before we finally arrived in NY and just for good measure we drove in NY for a while as well. 660+ miles, 10 hours 41 minutes, two gas stops, and a bathroom stop later, we had arrived. It is actually a pretty easy drive, you just put it on cruise control and well, cruise.

On our last trip to NY, Sarah had planned to make a basket with Anja, who teaches basket making classes. Unfortunately since our last trip was cut short she was unable to be in the class. This trip Anja was able to show Sarah how to make a basket and Sarah was able to finish it before we left. :)

On Wednesday we headed into town for a day of Christmas shopping:

Anneke sitting in an carved ice throne

Me, not quite sure about the too small hat I am wearing

Sarah and Olivia wearing some not quite normal hats

The following picture needs a bit of an explanation. Wednesday night, Mrs. B headed outside to put something in their compost pile. She comes back in talking about a possum that was out at the compost pile. As soon as Anja heard that she decided it was time for some shooting, the .22 Hornet was not there but the Mini-14 was, so she and Judah headed outside intent on the death of the evil possum. The flashlight Judah had was not powerful enough so after a short delay while I got them a Mag-light from my car, Anja and Judah returned to the compost pile. One shot was heard, and Mrs. B said something to the extent of that is the sound of something dying. Anja and Judah returned except the possum was not dead! Anja had hit it, but it was not a fatal blow and the gun had then gotten jammed. After getting the gun back in working order, Anja and Judah headed back outside to finish off the varmint. This time when they returned the possum was dead and a picture was in order:

Judah, Mr. B, and Anja after a successful kill

Our plan had been to come back Thursday morning, because Sarah had some violin students to teach but the weather had other plans and when we awoke Thursday morning we were greeting by glorious snow. I will post about that tomorrow :)


  1. sleepy joy said...

    Does Sarah know you posted that picture of her in the army hat? ;)

  2. abigail said...

    Go Anja!

    If at first you do not a fatal hit score,
    Reload thy weapon and shoot some more!!!!! ;D

  3. liv said...

    Sarah, are you too chicken to put pictures of a New York gal CREAMING you in a snowball fight????? ;)

  4. abigail said...

    This is weird. All three of the above comments end with winks!?! ;)

  5. Will said...

    The picture of Sarah has been taken down :p Though I did not think it was that bad, I mean look at the picture of me!! Anyway Olivia snow pictures are coming later tonight ;)