Monday, December 3, 2007


This week Sarah and I are going to be posting some videos that we think are worth sharing. If you are on dial up like I know some people are, your local library probably has high speed you can use. If you have no library with high speed, then you are stuck with having to wait for them to load if that is the case I am sorry, I know what it is like....

Today we have two videos from Igudesman & Joo, two terrific classical musicians who mix humor with music. They have a website here

If you like them, they have several other videos on youtube :)


  1. Olivia Joy said...

    Why in the world is the guy dressed like that????

    And the violin players facial expressions are great.

    The ending was extremely funny :)

  2. Will said...

    So you don't think people should wear shorts with their black dress coats? :P

  3. Olivia Joy said...

    Well, maybe if he was wearing a polka dot tie with a cowboy hat and possibly if he had shoes on.......Then his outfit might be starting to go somewhere :)

  4. Paige said...

    I love those guys! I have watched those videos before numerous times, and was beginning to doubt that anyone else thought they were humorous. Oh, I found you by your comments on Bryce's blog, by the way. I know I like to know where people come from when they visit my blog :) Just thought I would reveal myself.


  5. Will said...

    Ah ok, at first I thought you were a Paige I know and I was trying to figure out how she found this blog!
    Thanks for the comment. :)

  6. Anna said...

    Welcome Paige !! We were all very happy to see a new commenter!!:)
    Thanks for revealing yourself.
    BTW, I'm Will's little sis Anna.