Saturday, December 29, 2007

A film I want to watch in 2008

I am not sure if anyone who reads this even knows who Ben Stein is, if you have never heard of him, he has been a writer, a commentator, an actor, a lawyer, a White House speech writer...lot of different things in his lifetime. He has been working on a documentary called "Expelled" due to hit theaters in February. The documentary focuses on the the great political intimidation taking place in academia against any mention that a) Darwin was wrong and b) the existence of a Creator is a plausible explanation for the complex universe in which we live. Here is a very short teaser:

Of course I think most Christians already know there is "political intimidation taking place in academia" so it is not a new subject, but the film looks like it could be very interesting. There is a much longer trailer on the film's website If you have time, check it out.