Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The cold has followed me

This morning when I woke up my toes were cold! This was rather surprising as my feet hardly ever get cold, my ears and hands tend to fight each other for "coldest extremity" I maneuvered myself through the obstacle course that is my room right now and walked down the stairs. Upon reaching the wood floor, the thought that socks might have been in order quickly flittered across my brain only to be crushed by the hunger train.

After finding something with somewhat nourishing qualities, I finally thought to check my thermometer and see why on earth my toes were cold. I was guessing for high 20s but to my amazement it was right at 20°! It is too bad precipitation did not follow me from NY like the colder weather. Cold weather without precipitation is like cake without icing, it is good by itself but with that extra goodness on top, it becomes great. Ok sorry this is a bit of a ramble, if you can't figure it out I am really missing the snow from NY right now! :p

To make up for possibly boring readers with my wishful thoughts of snow, how about a story of me being somewhat absent minded. (Something that rarely happens to me)

This morning after fighting the frost that decided to spend the night on my windows I embarked on my daily almost hour long journey into work. One stop was planned, a deposit run to the bank. Personally I like going to the bank, I know almost everyone there and they know me. Depending on what my time is like and how busy they are, there are times in the past where after finishing my business I will just stand around and talk about non-bank issues with the tellers. But back to my story....

After making the deposits and talking about Christmas a bit I head out to my car. I walk up to it and immediately realize something is wrong, it seems someone has slammed their red door into my car! (evidenced by the red paint residue, my car is gray) I also noticed rather violent scratches all down the sides. Rats, I thought to myself, a Huckabee hater has finally decided to express their pent up emotional dislike on my poor helpless car. (I have a Mike Huckabee sticker on the rear of my car)

I was trying to figure out how I could fix the scratches as I stuck my key in the lock and was appalled to find out my key was not going all the way into the lock! I think I have mentioned this before, when things go wrong, I am the type of person who's brain kicks into overdrive. I start analyzing the situation and trying to figure out a solution to the problem. This only really happens in situations that need action, I sometimes wish my brain worked the same way when it comes to communication.

Anyway, I was standing there with my key in the door, my brain running through all the situations which could cause this and how I would need to go about getting in my car.... Something is stopping my key from getting all the way in, someone must have stuck something in there, maybe they broke something off and I will not be able to get in, there are no keyholes except on the driver's door, my little electric key unlocker thing does not work, how can I get in, if I break the window how much would it cost to fix, (Sometimes my solutions are a tad extreme, I have in fact broken a window to get in a vehicle) should I call triple A, should I call the police and report my car had been vandalized, maybe I should look at the lock and see if it is something easy I can get out of the keyhole........

I bent down and looked at the keyhole, it was definitely damaged, all around the keyhole it was dark and scratched. I look up slightly and surprise registers in my brain, the interior seats are black, THIS IS NOT MY CAR!!!! I quickly jump back and give it a second look over, yes this is definitely not my car, the wheels are different as well! It's the same color, same model same year but it is not my car....This presents a problem for a few seconds as I try to think, if this is not my car where on earth is mine???

Right at that moment another man going into the bank looks at me and laughs at the confused look on my face. "Wrong car?" he asks. I laughed back and said "yeah amazingly enough" He just laughed some more and said he would not tell :p It was at that moment that I realized I had parked in another section of the parking lot, I waltzed over to my car glad I had not broken some other guys window.

Just so readers don't think I am a complete absent minded loon, I guess I should explain that I drive the same hour long route coming and going to work and when I have a lot on my mind I just zone out to think about things. Most of the time, it is like my body is on auto pilot while my brain is somewhere else.There have been times when I have arrived home and I can't even remember one thing about the trip home.

Lately there have been a lot of serious issue I have had my mind on so I pretty much zoned out the whole trip to work. I also usually park in the same spot almost every time I come to the bank, so when I walked outside and saw a car exactly like mine even though I could not remember parking it there, I figured I had just had my mind on higher things when I parked my car. :p It just dawned on me that this post is incredibly long, I hope the story was entertaining and I think from now on I will try not to "zone out" when I am parking my car ;)


  1. sleepy joy said...

    That is really funny!
    Good thing you didn't set off an alarm :)

    And you guys thought we had a lot of snow when you were here?? You should see it now!!

  2. Will said...

    Lets not talk about how much snow you have now, mmk? I have been keeping an eye on the weather and all I have to say is I would love to be there right now! :p