Monday, December 17, 2007

A rather large post on our trip, part deux

So remember at the start of my last post I said we had "enough warm clothes for an expedition to Antarctica"? Well this was not far from the truth. The funny thing was, although the week before we came had been quite cold, the whole time we were there we had experienced pretty mild weather. That is, until the day of our departure, Thursday. Thursday morning I woke up and was greeted by this view out the window near my bed:

It started snowing that morning and kept right on snowing for almost the whole day! We had become snowed in!

Sarah and Olivia waiting to give the snow plow guys hot coffee and cookies, Judah is manning the camcorder.

Judah shoveling the road

The following is a video shot by Judah of Sarah and Olivia being, well, excited about the snow or something :p

More pictures of the snow...

Snow fight! Olivia and Sarah went out to shovel the walk, except Olivia had an ulterior motive. As soon as Sarah had her back turned away, Liv, with her shovel full of snow clobbered poor Sarah.

Sarah tries to fight back

Notice Sarah's sweatshirt? What was green several seconds before is now almost all white.

Sadly the snow stopped Thursday night and the road crews were able to get the roads clear enough for us to head home. Seeing a significant amount of snow made me really wish we got some where we live. One more snow picture:


  1. abigail said...

    Ha! I like that video clip. Was this a challenge or something? Sarah looks determined to not be outdone! :)