Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tea Party & MedievalFeast

The bags filled with cookies.
Keren, Ellie,Page,Faith
A group picture
Me, Sarah, Elisabeth, Molly

medieval Feast
All the kids
Decoration on tables

Chase and Molly
The food
More food

Sam and Mat
Molly and Mat.

William and Sarah are home now so this is my last post! Hope every one has enjoyed the blog for the last few days. Have a great weekend !!:)


  1. Liv said...

    I recognize that dress, Anna :)
    You both look lovely!!!!

    Nice skirt, Sarah ;)

  2. Trina said...

    I enjoyed your posts, Anna! I hope you stop by again sometime.

    I thought I recognized that dress, too - it looks wonderful on you! The feast looked like fun! What activities did you have (besides the awesome looking food!)