Sunday, October 21, 2007

The boredom of a Saturday

This past week my apartment was put up for sale. So far there have been a few people interested but not as many as I would like, to try to get some more interest yesterday I had an open house. It was rather boring, I just sat in my apartment with no furniture but the chair I was sitting on. Because Nick had basketball and I was his ride there, Nick also had to sit in my empty apartment. :p It actually was not as bad as it sounds as I was able to watch a movie when no one was looking at the apartment which unfortunately was most of the time....So besides having to sit around all day, I did not even get to talk to very many people about the house, well except for Ray.

Ray was this older gentleman who showed up about two hours into the open house. He is a mortgage broker and was just stopping by to look around the apartment. After he walked around and looked, I guess he had nothing better to do because he and I then proceeded to have a conversation that spanned everything from computers to shingles to bees....Yes bees! (I used to raise bees, well maybe raise is not the right word, take care of more like) Anyway, somehow the conversation just kept on going and going. After 30 or so minutes we went outside and walked around the apartment complex and talked some more! I am not sure how it happened, I mean here is a complete stranger and we talked for over an hour!

If it had been my dad in my shoes I could totally see this happening as my dad seems to have lengthy conversations with strangers all the time. Me on the other hand..... ok, I will admit I like to talk but unless it is with a friend, I am not one to just carry on a lengthy over an hour conversation with someone especially with a complete stranger. Or so I thought... :p I guess Ray had a good conversation as well since he said maybe we should get together for lunch sometime!!! :o Well sorry if this has been a bit of a boring post, to make up for it I have an interesting picture of what Nick did the whole time:

Also, I think it was Abigail who asked about the interior paint color of my apartment so here are two pictures of that:


  1. Jeremy said...

    More pics please.

    We can't see how it is laid out from just 2 pictures.

  2. Mom said...

    William, you made me laugh. I thought for sure the picture would show Nick sleeping on the floor. I about fell out of the chair when I saw him in the closet. I hope your apartment sells soon. Love Mom

  3. abigail said...


  4. Sleepy Joy said...

    Wow, we have not seen you guys in a LONG time!! I did not even recognize Nico!!! I was like, "who is that in the picture?"
    Anyways...the apartment looks really nice.

  5. Sarah said...

    Liv, I told you he was a giant!!!

  6. abigail said...

    Sam says that Nick looks like a POW about to be executed :0 !!