Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A magnificent door!

Last week I bought a door! :D That's great, you might say, so what? Why are you posting about getting a door? Well besides the fact that I could not think of anything else to post, I am also pretty pumped about my door! To explain why I am so pumped up about a door requires some background:

I own a 1049sqft apartment. It has been completely remodeled inside, and when I say completely, I mean the only thing left from it's previous state are a few of the studs...Everything else was torn out. The reason everything got torn out had something to do with the floor to ceiling mold that was everywhere when I purchased it out of foreclosure. The first time I walked in I was actually a little depressed. Mold is not something you want to mess around with and my apartment seemed to have every type of mold there is growing everywhere. Eventually the apartment was gutted down to the cement floor, ( I am on the bottom floor) and the previously mentioned studs. Then it was time to rebuild the interior.

Because everything had to be replaced the remodeling took a little longer and cost much more than I had first thought it would. A brand new kitchen had to be built, shelves, counter tops, appliances and lots of other things add up over time. Everything finally was almost done except my door needed a new lock. On the door was this metal plate thing, that looked like it was there to reinforce the door lock portion of the door. Well that is what it looked like, it actually was the only thing holding the door together at the lock!!! Off comes the metal plate and the handle and lock pretty much fall out of the door... It seemed a new door was needed.

This did not make me happy! Doors really are not that expensive, the price for a good exterior door is just a drop in a bucket compared to what I have already spent. Still, I really did not want to spend at least another $150 or so just for a door!! I decided rather than buy a new door, I would check on craigslist to see if maybe a used door could be had for a good price... There were a few, but they were left hand doors and I needed a right.

The next morning resigning myself to the fact that I would have to buy a new door, I checked craigslist again and low and behold posted less than an hour before, was a listing for a right hand exterior door with a peep-hole, everything I was looking for!!! I immediately contacted the person and told her I would be there that afternoon with cash for the door. So my apartment now has a wonderful almost new door! :)

It is actually hard to express how thrilled I am over the door. I know this is going to sound crazy, but when I put the door in the back of the trunk to bring it to the apartment, I had this sense of, I don't know any other way to describe it other than, it was just complete and utter joy. :D I had lost all hope in getting a cheap door and then out of the blue a door practically drops out of heaven for me! Driving to the apartment, I would look in the rear mirror and see it in the bed of the truck and I just could not help but smile. Well, that is the story of my magnificent door, even now, days later, every time I think about it I am just amazed that I got it.


  1. Will said...

    Oh yeah forgot to add, it was 25 bucks :)

  2. abigail said...

    "I laughed, I cried, it moved me Bob."

  3. Sleepy JOy said...

    Ha ha Abigail!!! I just finished watching a Veggie Tales, ohhh that's giving away my age :).

    Cool door, Will. Love it when things like that happen.

    Are you going to move into your apartment now?

  4. Will said...

    Abigail that line from Veggie Tales is one of my favorites quotes from them. :p
    Liv, I have a whole post thought out regarding my apartment, I will post it tomorrow, if I have time to type it up...I am waking up at 5 and will be away from a computer until around 8pm

  5. Sleepy Joy said...

    Will you survive being away from a computer for that long???

  6. abigail said...

    I really like the color, does it match the interior color scheme? Was it that color originally or did you paint it?

  7. Will said...

    Abigail, it was painted that color.

    Sleepy Joy, if not for email and reading news/blogs, I could very easily live without a computer. While I like them, they will just suck time away from you...