Monday, October 1, 2007

Muhahaha! :fun:

As you might have noticed I decided to use my hot layout I made a while back. I have also made it so you see smiles for the comments :D It is not the ideal comment system I would like, but it seems it is the best I can do with Blogger. :frown: Still, it is better than nothing :) For those of you who saw a preview of the layout last week and did not like it, you are just going have to deal because I :wub: it!


  1. Sleepy Joy said...

    Dear Sir,
    If I may make one small complaint.
    Because we have dial-up (what a horrible word) having to click on comment and then post a comment causes a me to have to sit and wait for just one more thing to load.
    What happened to the little box up in the corner?
    I don't know much about computers so maybe this is something really cool that causes something really cool to happen that I really have no idea about.

    Okay that is the end.

  2. Sleepy Joy said...

    BTW the new layout is like totally AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
    If Sara doesn't like it tell her to go stick her head in her pillow :)

  3. Will said...

    Oh! I am sorry Liv, I forgot you were on dial up!!! I changed it back to what it was on the old layout. The reason I had it going to the post page is so you could see the comments with the smiles. But I lived with dial up for years and I know what a pain it is so I figure speed is better than seeing the smiles for comments :)

  4. Sleepy Joy said...

    Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope it was no trouble.
    The old way you just might not have gotten quite as many comments from me. Hmmmmmm, maybe that is what you were trying to do. I must go and ponder this.

  5. Anonymous said...

    Ocular violation?

    Why, WHY!?

  6. Will said...

    lol Thank you Nicholas :p

  7. abigail said...

    Ha, Bethany P. should see this!!