Friday, October 26, 2007

A break in the action

Well here is a post of randomness of things that I have wanted to get out but they either have not fit into other posts or there is not enough of a subject to make a post about...So..

I am leaving this afternoon for a Men's retreat and then when I get back tomorrow some friends from out of town who are going to be staying with us for a few days will be here. Sitting at a computer typing my thoughts is low on the totem pole when there are friends over so there probably will not be any new posts from me until Wednesday of next week. Actually blogging is low on the totem pole regardless if we have friends over. Yes I like it but I don't have to be online or on a computer all the time. If tomorrow every computer just died, I could go on living perfectly fine. People today are too in love with technology.... (I will stop at that, if I go further it is going to turn into a multiple paragraph rant!)

The Red Sox are in the World Series! Woo!

I think I am going to camp out in the woods for two weeks in November, I am just waiting for it to get cold.

Sarah and I were having an "after 10" conversation in the car talking about elections and she said she wants to be a "Political Lackey" So for the presidential election next year if you happen to be watching the news and see a wild lady holding a sign and yelling for a candidate, it could be my sister!

The final thing I want to add is something I read this week regarding finding a wife that I thought was really funny: "You run the race set before you and marry the one beside you who keeps up"

That is all...have a good weekend, go out and breathe the fall air!


  1. See ya tomorrow JOy said...

    (1) You have to post at least a couple pictures of what we are doing...I have told friends to go to this blog to see what we are up to.