Monday, October 15, 2007

Women drivers out to kill me - Episode 2

Here is the next episode on women drivers trying to kill me. Episode 1 can be read here.

Episode 2 - Crooked back up Lady

This episode is not so much about a woman driver trying to kill me so much as a woman driver trying to kill my poor truck. One day when I was still in school I had to mail a package, so I drove up to the post office. All the parking spaces were full, except one that was next to someone who had parked their van very crooked and over the line. Having nowhere else to park, I pulled my truck in. I was in the post office paying for my postage when somebody ran in and said "whoever owns this red truck better get out here" Being the owner of the red truck I ran out to see what the commotion was. Low and behold the lady driving the crooked parked van had just backed straight out, never looking to see if she might hit my truck. Since she had parked at an angle, when she backed straight out she backed right into the side of my truck!

Everyone knows Fords are built tough, they like to say it in all their truck ads and I can honestly say they are not lying. Even though the lady backed into my truck, figuring that if she could not get me, she might as well get my truck, there was no damage at all to my truck's side Unfortunately her van was not built "Ford tough" and she dented her driver side bumper as well as breaking her driver side tail light. At least she did not damage my truck, but then they are:


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