Friday, October 12, 2007

People being stupid news item of the week

Thieves take more than they can carry
Two men told a reporter that they regretted stealing 5,647 coins from their restaurant because the loot was too heavy and they couldn't carry it at all, a Qingdao newspaper reported today.

Local residents felt suspicious when they saw the duo, both of whom are in their twenties, exhausted and sweating as they carried a 50-centimeter-long bag (20inchs) at a slow pace at the Qiandao Railway Station, so they called police, the report said. Police were curious about the jingling sound coming from the bag and ordered the duo to open it. The bag was filled with one yuan coins, the report said.

The two young men were migrant workers employed at a restaurant in Qingdao, Shandong Province. They allegedly decided to steal the coins when they saw their boss put 20,000 yuan worth of coins in a box, the report said. They planned to use the money to start their own businesses in south China, the report said.

They prepared two bags to collect the coins, but they each weighed 25 kilograms when filled, which were too heavy for them to carry. "The bags were too hefty to lift them up, even the belts were snapped. We could not think of any better ideas, so we took only some of the coins," Gao told the newspaper. "If we had to know how heavy it was, we would not consider doing it," one of the suspects said.

Point one, if you are going to rob something, don't go for the coins!! Cash is the way to go...If you must steal the coins, it might be a good idea to be in shape so you can actually carry them!!! 25kg is only about 60lbs...could neither of these guys carry a 60lb bag? :p


  1. Sleepy Joy said...

    That is pretty pathetic!!
    I could carry around a 60lb. bag of grain by the time I was 12!!!

    I really like "people being stupid news item of the week." It is highly entertaining :)

  2. Will said...

    Why thank you, I like it as well :p Sometimes it is hard to decide on what story to post, there are so many for a week!