Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Newboys -Remixed!

In my never ending search for new and great music, I have come across several remix cds of albums that I liked. Not everyone likes remix albums, they take a song you might really like, remix it, and the result might be something you just totally hate. I personally like remix albums, I think it is really cool how people take a song and add or subtract from the tempo and/or rhythm and make it sound like a whole new song.

Toby mac is one artist who has done this with his albums, he will release the regular album then a year or so later release the remix. His "Momentum" remix was not that great, but "Diverse City's" "Renovating Diverse City" is great and one of my favorite remix albums. If you like Toby Mac and have not heard it you should check it out. Sorry for that tangent :p

The Newsboys latest album, "Go" is one of their better albums at least in my opinion. The have the right mix of slow and up-tempo songs and it is a great album, especially if you are out running. The Newsboys have done a remix album in the past, sort of a remix of their hits. It is an ok remix album but nothing special at least for me. Their "Go -Remix" album on the other hand is spectacular!

"Go" is a poppish (I don't even think that is a word :p) upbeat album. In contrast "Go-Remix" is still upbeat but the sound is grittier, darker...Hearing the original songs you would think there is no way they can take the "pop" out of the songs and they still be good, but the Newsboys do it and the resulting songs are terrific. I am not going to gush anymore about the album, and some people may not like it, the first time I heard it I did not really know what to think. But if you are like me and constantly searching for new music then I would give it a listen...And you can do that by clicking the sample links below!!

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Amazon link for Go Remix

Wherever we go Remix

Go Remix

Something Beautiful Remix

Your Love Is Better Than Life Remix

City To City Remix

The Mission Remix

Secret Kingdom Remix

I Am Free Remix

In Wonder Remix

Let It All Come Out Remix

Gonna Be Alright Remix