Thursday, October 4, 2007


Every Wednesday night I take Sarah down to NC State for orchestra practice. Yesterday while riding around we created funny informal fallacies using syllogism :p (Just a word of warning these get a tad crazy!)

Sarah hates mayonnaise,
Mayonnaise is a good thing,
Sarah hates good things!

Will loves loud music,
Loud music makes you go deaf,
Will loves going deaf!

Only bats come out at night,
The moon comes out at night,
The moon is a bat!

Olivia loves adventures,
Adventures are dangerous,
Olivia loves danger!

All pirates have beards,
Abe Lincoln had a beard,
Abe Lincoln was a pirate!

Beauty is subjective,
Subjective is an adjective,
Beauty is an adjective!

William loves cold weather,
cold weather is the bomb,
William loves the bomb.

People who comment are great!
Great people are geniuses,
People who comment are geniuses!

Cows eat grass,
our dogs eat grass.
Our dogs are cows!

Rebekah does not like opera,
Opera is beautiful,
Rebekah does not like beautiful things!

Everything in the ocean is fun to play with,
Jelly fish are in the ocean,
Jelly fish are fun to play with.


  1. Sleepy Joy said...

    They came to our house
    Sarah and Will went too soon
    Sarah and Will are no fun

    I got thrown in a rose bush
    Ouch it hurt
    But Will was hurt worse

    We tubed in the lake
    But Will broke the tube
    Will was too big for the tube

    I needed to use the bathroom
    Sarah pushed me against the door
    In the end I won

    We played Phase 10
    Anneke started quoting
    It went down hill from there

    And this ditty is going no where so I will end it

  2. abigail said...


  3. abigail said...

    I'm laughin so hard!!!

  4. abigail said...

    It gets funnier each time I read it!!!

  5. Will said...

    Well you summed up the whole visit Olivia, except for one part:

    Concerts rock!
    Toby Mac had a Concert,
    Toby Mac Rocks! (Literally)

  6. Sarah said...

    and you forgot:
    it rained at Kingdom bound
    rain makes Olivia whine
    Olivia whined at Kingdom Bound :)
    (but only for a few minutes)

  7. Sarah said...

    Jeremy had no belt
    the only thing
    Jeremy had was zip ties
    Jeremy used zip ties like a belt.

    Oh and Olivia, I remembered another one for you but I think maybe it shouldn't be known to the thousands of people who read this blog. You remember using something of Jeremy's on the way to Kingdom bound???? Plus if I say it you might distribute all the terrible pictures of me and William. :)

  8. Trina said...

    wow, thanks for the compliment.

    Hmm, I'm gonna have to get the rest of the scoop on Kingdom bound...

  9. The Red Lobster said...

    heh I thought of another one

    Lobsters are Red,
    Will got sunburned and turned red,
    William is now a red lobster!

  10. Sleepy JOy said...

    Oh Sarah, as soon as I saw what you were beginning to elude to I closed my eyes in fear. Then I realized you hadn't said anything! That was close!

    I couldn't think of a rhyme for this one but.....remember the guy in the cow suit? And the people with the shirts that said: free hugs (that was really weird)

    Or how about getting lost when no one would listen to me???????

    Or trying to text "Kiki" while Anja fumed at the wheel (that was funny!!!) Actually I now dance with Kiki!!!!!!

  11. Anna said...

    I've got 1 just 1 !! :(

    I do not like Toby Mac
    Toby Mac is Fun
    I do not like Fun

  12. Sarah said...

    Oh yeah, I had forgotten about the Cow man and the Free Hugs!!
    I was listening to you,
    (when we got turned around...we weren't lost...we kinda knew where we were going) its just William and Anja were arguing so loud you couldn't hear me :)
    Remember when we stopped at the gas station and you couldn't start the car?
    and...I'm really glad you found out who kiki was...the suspense might have done some lasting damage.