Sunday, September 30, 2007

The posts that are never published....

If you have read this blog for any amount of time, you probably have noticed the ratio of humorous to serious posts is a tad skewed to the humorous. Some of that comes from me finding humor in almost every aspect of life....Take Sleepy Rufus for example, that post came from me oversleeping. There is absolutely nothing interesting or worth posting about me oversleeping, unless of course I tell about my alter ego which was the cause of my oversleeping in the first place. :D

I do of course, have serious posts, Erroneously for example, but these posts don't get published most of the time. What has happened to my blog is I have started using it as an online journal where I just type whatever happens to be on my mind. If I feel like publishing it I will, 90% of the time. That other 10% usually involves thoughts I have on things like courtship, secular music and just our society as a whole. Because of their nature most of these posts are way too long to publish, besides the fact that all of them are rather rough drafts of their topics. I was looking over the posts from this month as I was backing them up and I just felt like posting that I am not as bad a nut case as some of these posts might lead you to believe. :)


  1. sLEEPY jOY said...

    Are you feeling depressed about your blog or something?
    It's awesome!! I love it!!
    I think you have a very good ratio of funny to serious to just plain weird ;).
    Unlike my blog where I just post about stupid funny things (except the post on Saturday, that was very serious!).

  2. Will said...

    :o Olivia it is weird that you asked if I was depressed about something. Yesterday I actually was a little down and the cause of it was partially due to the blog, or more specifically the coding of it...I sat in front of the computer screen 'til my eyes started hurting, fiddling with the comment code of the blog and didn't really change anything :( Ah well I have decided just to live with it, it just bugs me when I can't get something done :p