Saturday, September 29, 2007

Woman drivers are out to kill me!

If anyone has actually read my profile, which I doubt, they will see that I said woman drivers are out to kill me. This is not an exaggeration, this is a honest, kid you not, fact! One that is a bit baffling to me since I think I am a nice enough guy. I can't think of a reason why women in cars want to see me in a body bag so badly....I am sure women will read this and think to themselves, under what authority does this William character say women drivers are out to kill him?? In answer to that dear readers, I will present the evidence in this and future posts:

Episode 1, The fail to check her side mirror woman.

It is a bright cheery day, the weather is a nice balmy 75 or so. I am driving my F-150, windows down as usual, singing along with my music that is filling my ears with a wonderful melody. I slowly cruise down the road about to turn and merge on the interstate. To steal a few lines from the Newsboys, "Wherever I go, the bluebirds sing, the grass gets green, the bees behave and in the treetops, squirrels smile and wave" everything is right with the world.

I get on the interstate, merge to the far left hand lane and start zipping along around 80mph...Five minute later I get off the interstate. At the bottom of the exit ramp is a red light and as I head towards said light I get in the second turning lane because there is no one in it. Let me stop here and say the exit ramp is two lanes, both of which turn right onto four southbound lanes of a eight lane boulevard. Since the offramp is 2 lanes and you are turning onto 4, it is logical to assume the first exit turning lane takes the first 2 lanes and the second exit turning lane takes the last 2 lanes. Makes sense? Here is a picture:

Anyway as I near the light in the second turning lane, the light turns green and I accelerate down the rest of the ramp and into my turn right. I successfully arrive in my lane (lane # 3 in the picture) and out of the corner of my eye I notice a minivan in my right hand side mirror turning onto the boulevard as well. The mini-van is turning from the first turning lane, meaning it needs to turn into lanes # 1 and 2 in the picture. Guess what the lady in the mini-van wants to do? She wants to get to lane #4 the farthest away from where she is turning. The only way to get there is of course go across lanes 1,2,3 and right in her path is me and my truck.

So mini-van lady starts drifting across the lanes heading right for my passenger side door. I watch her come thinking she will slow down, but she just keeps on coming. When she is about 5 feet away I realize that she has no intention of slowing down and intends to just magically drift through my car. It was at this moment that the horn god decided to erupt with the noise of a thousand trumpets. Mini-van lady was awakened from her intent to kill me and decided she might be getting too close. So what does she do? She jerks the mini-van back and almost crashes into someone else!!! Fortunately no one was hurt! Such is my life avoiding women drivers out to kill me.


  1. abigail said...

    Haha, nice visual!

  2. abigail said...

    Speaking of your profile, ya misspelled Savior

  3. Will said...

    heh well that is rather embarrassing! A few days ago I accidentally deleted all my profile up to savior. So I just went back and copy/pasted what I had deleted. I guess I did not get the 'i' like I thought! I never read my profile, so thanks for the heads up!

  4. Sleepy Joy said...

    I have heard all your stories, and you know what I think?..........You Hendersons are just really, really, really accident pron!!

    The thought just hit me that I could take real offense by what you titled this post.
    Hmmmmmmmmm, I will have to think about that.

  5. Sleepy JOy said...

    "4 plus me" died in an accident the other day :(

  6. Will said...

    Aww poor 4+me RIP Don't take offense at the title, you are not a crazy woman driver :) I also don't think you need to be saying anything about people and accidents.... ;)

  7. Sleepy Joy said...

    Okay, so maybe I bumped into a couple of dudes once. But com'on, notice ONCE!!!!!!!
    How many times have you "accidentally" smashed ALL the windows in the right side of the car out??????
    Something tells me I should stop typing NOW ;).

  8. Will said...

    Haha I think you know too much!