Monday, September 10, 2007

Colors have been adjusted

So I adjusted the colors somewhat since I actually thought they were looking slightly hospital-ish myself. Let me know what you think.

I also want to add that due to Sarah reading a certain blog, she decided this morning it would somehow be funny to hide one of my shoes I needed to wear to work....Fortunately Sarah does not lie very well and I knew by her silly little grin when asked that she had hidden my other shoe. She also had hidden it in the first logical place that came to mind, under her bed, so her "joke" was little more than an irritating sidebar to the start of my day. But I do want to send big online POKE to the person who gave my sister the idea, you know who you are ;)


  1. sleepy Joy said...

    The colors are getting there :).
    I like this a lot better than what it was. But i must ask: "are you scared of wild colors?"
    Funny about your shoe :).
    But imagine ALL your shoes gone missing :).
    I can just see Sarah now "trying" to be sneaky :).

  2. Will said...

    Well I don't mind wild colors but I have been trying to use colors that still work with the light blue header at the top....What do you think of these?

  3. Sarah said...

    I actually had these colors on the blog when William was gone. The I decided to blind Olivia. I love the blue. :)

  4. Sleepy JOy said...

    Hey, if we are all being terribly picky about spelling. Sarah, I think you meant: THEN I decided to blind Olivia, not: the I decided to blind Olivia.

  5. Will said...

    :D ok ok lets not get in a "correct each others grammar" contest