Saturday, September 22, 2007

Layout under construction

This post has been updated*

So it seems my dear sister did not like my cool and amazing new blog layout :(...So we are back to something a little calmer but still different...If you did not catch the wickedly awesome new layout, here is a screenshot:

At least I have been able to keep my smiles for the posts :D B) I am still working on getting them to work in comments though


  1. Neil said...

    Wow...i'm not sure how this is going to turn out because im having to look away from the screen:) JK...nice crib...the colors are so exciting you forget how boring everything else is..."A rush of color in a dreary gray world." gotta know that quote...anywho...gotta go...see you in the morning..


  2. abigail said...

    Ooooookay... Never expected that from YOU, Mr. Henderson!! Now maybe if ANNABETH was in charge of the designing part...well, then it might be easier to explain...I mean...oh dear,yes Annabeth of course I am your friend, its just that...(I am lost for words. Please imagine me giving you a Mr. Collins wave)

  3. Will said...

    Haha, well it seems we will be sticking with the current blue layout as my hot new design seems to be frowned upon :(

  4. sleepy JOY said...

    Hmmmm, sadly I was never here when it was in all those amazing colors.
    Why did you change it??
    It reminds me of Halloween or something. And since it's just around the corner the new layout is very fitting....Oh wait, we don't celebrate that holiday do we?? My bad.

  5. Will said...

    Well I did not want to change it! It took me a long time to get all that code working in blogger! But it seems Sarah thought it was going to kill her and I would hate to lose a sister....Though I am very tempted to bring it back :D

  6. Sleepy Joy said...

    Amen, I think you should!!!