Thursday, September 6, 2007

For a Couple of Days, This is MY Blog

Well, since William is going to be gone for the next couple of days, I must pretend to be him and post about every little thing that happens to me. Btw... William will be home on Saturday, but that night he has a coming home party for one of our friends who just got home from Iraq.
So, today I went to my violin lesson. I did not go to my voice lesson, however, because for the past 10 days I have had this Dry Hacking cough. I have become quite addicted to cough drops. I have decided that they are the best invention ever! Today is the first day I have only had to take one. Yay!
After violin, I arrived home to eat lunch and pick up Molly. We headed to a local music college where Molly has a cello lesson and I have a piano lesson. After both lessons are done, we have a 3 hour break before Molly's cello group starts. So off we go to the library. I love the library! Two hours and 84 books later, Molly and I look at each other and say "What are we going to do for the next hour?" Getting into my truck, (yes, I drive a truck, a green F150 Ford truck to be exact.), I happen to see the consignment shop in front of us. Problem solved!
We spent the next 45 minute looking at all the funny clothes that people actually bought to wear... in public...
Maybe next week I will bring a camera and capture all the weird and unique stuff that we saw.
After cello group, our destination was home, where my family eagerly awaited. Or maybe they just wanted to see the new library books. :(

Oh, and just on a side note: I have NO idea where my brother got that crazy video. I personally think it is great and I am quite envious that he found it first. Even though, since I am a girl, I don't have to worry about the way I hug.

Now that I have given you more details about my day, I must go and do something. :)



  1. Sleepy Joy said...

    Sorry about your cough :(. I totally understand, except I have had mine for 3 months :(.
    Rock on the blog and reek havoc while you can.