Monday, September 3, 2007


Yesterday the weather was wonderful, I went outside @ 7am or so and it was about 60 outside, I don't think it ever got above 85 and there was a nice breeze the whole day, still a little warmer than I like but it was bearable. After church we headed over to the A's house for a volleyball/cookout event. Not everyone from church was able to make it but we still had a pretty good number of people show up, enough for four volleyball teams of 6. Pictures galore:

Daniel about to hit the ball as John Paul looks on.

Daniel playing the ball off the net, I am not sure how John Paul ended up sitting on the grass :p

BJ and Mr. Baker going at it

My dad trash talking with Mr. Albright
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  1. battered bob said...

    Hmmm, looks like you have some people who know how to play volley-ball :)

  2. Will said...

    :D Why thank you, you're not that bad yourself