Thursday, September 6, 2007

Gone for a few days

I am heading up to the mountains for a few days to work with my dad. My sister Sarah has promised to uphold the high standards readers have come to expect from the blog posts, hopefully she will not forget :p

I leave you with a great instructional video of how to properly give a "man hug"

If for some reason the video fails to work here are the instructions in written form:

Step 1:
When to hug
This is entirely down to what you feel comfortable with. When greeting family members, or a good friend you haven't seen for a while, a hug almost certainly required.

Congratulating a mate on getting engaged, becoming a father or even securing a promotion, a hug will be in order.

If celebrating a sports win, you will find that suddenly worrying about hugging is no longer an issue. Anything goes.

Step 2:
The approach
When going for a hug, make it clear what you are doing. You won't want to catch the huggee of guard.

Start by spreading your hands wide with you right hand about 20 centimetres higher than the left. Lean back ever so slightly, this is a non threatening stance, making it clear you are not about to attack. Tilt your head to the left - this lets your huggee know where you are going so they can do the opposite, others wise there may be an embarrassing collision.

Step 3:
Step in towards your compadre. Your right hand will go over their shoulder, with your head going to the left of theirs. Show you sincerity by gripping them firmly in your arms - there is nothing worse than a floppy, half heart attempt. Keep you head level and facing forwards. Looking down, or turning towards you mate may end up as inappropriate nuzzling. Hold the embrace for as long as you feel comfortable, a second or two will do

Step 4:
The pat
This is the crucial part of a man hug, separating it from a traditional cuddle. With your left hand pat your buddy 3 or 4 times on the back. This demonstrates you are still men - you maybe be affectionate but you can still dish out some pain.

If you still feel this is too effeminate for you then give a light, double punch instead of a pat.

Step 5:
The break
While you are giving the final pat, break. Lift your hands smartly away, don't slide them over your buddy in a lingering manner. This may confuse them, and you.

Alternatively you could finish by gripping your friends firmly on the upper arms and saying something celebratory. 'Well Done Colin", "Congratulations", or "Great to see you again" are all good. This makes to reason for the hug clear and finishes it succinctly.

Another great option is to throw a few playful sparring punches at each other. Add a growly cheer to this and you are home and dry, like a big cuddly bear.

Now return to whatever you were doing before the hug. Don't feel the need to cough, avoid eye contract, or scratch yourself. You are still firmly a man - but one who is not afraid of showing their emotions. Mission accomplished.


  1. Anonymous said...

    This is so funny! :)

  2. Sleepy Joy said...

    You are crazy!!!!!!!!!!
    That is sooooo funny!!!
    Okay so now is it different for a girl??
    Well as you can see I have changed my name. I got tired of being thought of as a guy on everybody's blogs. I was trying to think of what to be and this hit me. Great huh?? Ya, I thought so too.

  3. Jeremy said...

    I loved the video. I think the reason it's so funny is so much of it is so true. Thanks for finding it so we can all have it spelled out for us.