Monday, September 10, 2007


Apparently, one of the current trends of blogging (at least for girls) is to make dinner and then post a picture of said dinner on a plate arranged all pretty like. So, tonight I was inspired to post my dinner. But first some background.....It all began around 5:00. My mom was in the kitchen just starting to cut up some chicken into small chunks. Now, if you have cooked a lot, you know that chicken cuts better when it is frozen. Not completely frozen because then you can break your knife,(not a good thing to do) but still frozen enough that the chicken is still kinda hard. So, anyway my mom said, "what should we have for dinner? I have this chicken and some mushrooms in the fridge." My first thought was Domino's jk, no I thought chicken marsala. Off I go to the computer to look up the recipe. Finding one, my mom and I work together to fix the recipe. (This involves me talking and chopping mushrooms while my mom does everything else. Notice I put talking first, it is something I am VERY good at. :)The dish turned out great. Everyone really like it, even Nicholas. We didn't have the right kind of wine (marsala) so we just mixed two kinds that we had.


  1. sleepy Joy said...

    Hmmm, looks pretty good. But you should have taken the picture BEFORE you ate half your bread :).

    And BTW, that is NOT a trend on our blog.