Monday, September 17, 2007


On Saturday, some friends and myself got together to practice historical dances. Sarah was unable to make it because she has orchestra on Saturday and while she was missed, it worked out fine since there always are more girls than guys anyway. I would have posted pictures earlier, except I did not have any. Since I danced pretty much every dance, I never got a chance to take pictures. All pictures in this post are courtesy of either Matt or Sandi, I also want to thank Sandi for getting it all organized. :)

Matt and me, trying to look cool or something before the dancing starts....

All the ladies gathered around a dry erase board to diagram, football style, how the next dance should go

David adjusting a hat that is way too big on my head

Playing around with some hats


  1. Sleepy JOY said...

    Looks like you all had fun.
    Poor Sarah.
    We just went to a square dance Saturday night. I am sure Trina will post pictures today. It was so much fun!!

  2. Will said...

    Yeah, Sarah always seems to be missing out on the fun...Oh and square dances are the greatest...No offense to historical dances, but they don't even compare to square dances

  3. Enil said...

    Yeah...Thanks for inviting me...