Thursday, September 27, 2007

A completely random post

I don't really have much to post about today, I have been slightly busy and nothing much interesting has happened to me lately, so I just am going to post some random things that I have thought about or have happened so far this week.

I think I might be posting too much on here! :p September still has a few days left and for the month we already have 40 some posts!

A few days ago as I was driving around town, I rolled down my windows, cranked up the volume and played the last two movements of Beethoven's 9th while I ate turkey sandwiches. During this experience I had an epiphany, music blaring + wind in your face + turkey = :D

I really like carrots, on Monday I ate an entire bag of them.

This morning I was sitting in my car waiting for the lab to open so I could drop some film off for my dad. There was this guy blowing leaves around the parking lot and he was coming my direction. He blew all the leaves past my car and then for some strange reason started blowing my car...I have no idea why, he just started blowing my hood and left side.... I almost opened my door to ask what on earth he was doing but he was Hispanic and all I can seem to say in spanish is ask for the bathroom and to say I don't understand.

I have not been home very much this week, since Monday through today (Thursday) I have only been home for an average of 6 and a half hours a day and most of that time I have been sleeping.

Real men eat onions raw, like apples.

I drove over a local lake the other day and saw some lucky people tubing, it made me think of some friends we have that I wished we lived closer to.

Wit is nothing more than an incisive observation, humorously phrased and delivered with impeccable timing

MEMO to Older men with ponytails: Cut that thing off! You do not look "cool", "hip" or "younger" with a ponytail, you look ridiculous! If you happen to also have a crazy Hawaiian shirt on....just add more points to the ridiculous scale.

Common sense is an uncommon virtue

I just realized the pair of dockers I am currently wearing have a hole in them!!!


  1. sleepy Joy said...

    No more tubing :(, the boat is being moved out of the hoist for the year :(.
    But would you believe it? Yesterday Alyssa and I went swimming in the lake!!! It is the latest swim on record (at least at their house :))

    Oh ya, and sorry about the hole in your dockers.

    And I know fine men with ponytails and they look FINE.

  2. Will said...

    Yes I am sorry about the hole in my dockers as well, I am hoping it can be easily repaired.

    For ponytails, I mean older men trying to recapture the "glory days" of their youth :p

  3. abigail said...

    You are not posting too much. If you cut back I'd get bored and might never comment again!! :)

    As for old guys in ponytails... ugh...
    But they're not as nasty as the ones that try to recapture their "glory days" at the beach.

    Did you honestly eat a whole bag of carrots???

  4. Will said...

    Yes, I was hungry and they were available for human consumption.

  5. abigail said...

    Oh your poor tum tum. *Did you know that carrots are negative calories? It's takes more energy to digest them then they actually contain. So in reality, despite temporarily dealing with hunger pains, you did not really help your body and in the long run actually diminished your overall stamina.

    *I an not liable for anything that I just wrote. I read it in a health article by a health specialist/nut who's name a can't remember.
    **I am not sure if this statement has been evaluated by the FDA
    ***This statement has not been tested on animals

  6. Will said...

    I was not eating the carrots for their calories, after what I ate before them I had plenty to spare. :)

  7. abigail said...

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    how in the world.....guys.....bottomless poor sisters...

  8. Will said...

    My poor sisters?

  9. abigail said...

    Yes, your poor sisters! (and mom)
    All sisters and moms for that matter (I'm getting carried away). Have you any idea how hard we labor to fill up you always hungry- frige looting- midnight snacking- no leftovers allowing- cookie dough stealing- FOREVER EATING Bigfoots?

  10. Will said...

    :p I will have you know that on the day I ate the carrots, I in fact made all three of my meals for that day! Course that also explains a bit why I was eating a bag of carrots...

  11. abigail said...

    Good for you! Ya'll are usually such helpless babes when we aren't around. :)