Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Credit card offers! :x

It seems every credit card company in America wants to give me a credit card! This is not unusual, for the past 2-3 years I have gotten between 1-6 offers a month. I don't even look at them, I just tear them up and forget about them.. For some reason, over the last several months the number of offers I have been receiving has ballooned to 3-7 a week! Yesterday I got home and was looking through the mail and I actually had three!! It is crazy, these companies are just spamming me with a never ending stream of offers. I guess they figure I am worth the endless paper and stamps they are wasting, but I have decided to put a stop to it.

There is this consumer advice guy named Clark Howard who has a radio show that I listen to. (Sarah hates him for some reason, but I love listening since he tells people about scams and such.) Anyway he was talking about credit cards and how you can actually get off their mailing list! So no longer shall the credit card companies destroy forests so they can send me their spam, I have removed myself from their list! If anyone else would like to do this as well the number to call is 1-888-5-OPTOUT (1-888-567-8688)


  1. abigail said...

    We've always had alot of fun with the fake cards that credit card companys send to various members of our family. Somebody is an innocent civilian and somebody's a bad guy, and the bad guy holds up the innocent civilian and steals his credit only homeschoolers think of doing things like the time JP sawed a lego piece in two to make it fit were he needed it...umm, maybe only homeschoolers in the SOUTH would think of that... (No offence meant, Sleepy Joy, feel free to contradict me :)

  2. abigail said...

    oops, didn't mean to do post that twice

  3. Will said...

    That's ok, through the powers granted me I can make double posts disappear :D I have done similar things with my Legos, sometimes you just need a certain sized piece! :p

  4. Southern JOy said...

    That's Okay, Abigail. I was born in NC. I was moved to NY. but deep down I am a southerner!!

  5. Famous JOy said...

    Oh and one more thing, Will.
    I am really famous and you all just didn't know it. (In fact I didn't know it until last night myself).

    Anyways, go to my blog and read all about it.

  6. Will said...

    I just went to your blog and don't see anything about you :/ I feel you are using false advertising in the comments :p

    BTW, I am famous myself, I have been on the covers of books, greeting cards, and in a film :p

  7. Famous JOy said...

    Whatever!!!! I don't believe you for a minute!!!
    And if you had a little patience!
    I was busy this morning, but have no fear, tonight I will tell all!!!!