Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Three smells.....

There are three things that smell so bad you want to gag,
yea, four things which make your nostrils flail in pain.

A rotting cantaloupe that has sat in the sun,
when fresh it has a wonderful aroma,
but one sniff after it has gone bad and you'll be in a coma!

A dead skunk that lies in the road,
bloated in the sun. the smell can erode,
it's defensive odor is meant to protect,
but once dead my nose it infects!

Mildew, such a small sounding thing
but when it is on clothing, what a smell it doth it bring,
musty and funky the smell makes you wheeze,
as it invades the nasal cavities!

Humans perspire when we get hot,
a sweet smelling scent it is not,
without deodorant, I fear gas masks would be our attire,
to help keep the smell absent or else we'd expire.


  1. Sleepy JOy said...

    Slightly disgusting.
    Altogether gross.

    Hmmmm, I was trying to make a poem explaining what I thought of your poem, but as you can see it didn't go anywhere.
    What can I say? I'm not a poet and I even know it. :)

  2. Will said...

    This is not a poem this is a proverb on smells to avoid! :D I was walking out to my car and someone had left a 5 gallon bucket of cantaloupe out in the the sun and boy did it smell bad! As I walked by trying not to gag, that line from Proverbs, "There are three things..." popped into my head and I figured I should use to describe the worst smells in the world. :p

  3. abigail said...

    Hey you forgot

    Unto what can one aliken molded cheeses?
    The dreadful stench shakes and squeezes
    From your body hundreds of wheezes
    And he who stumbleth upon the cheeses
    His afflicted Nasus he immediately seizes.

  4. Will said...

    hmm I have never smelled moldy cheese I am guessing it is bad?

  5. abigail said...

    Wow, you guessed correctly, how'ed you get to be soooo clever?... :O :)

  6. Enil said...

    i must add the rotten potato...working on a farm that had about 5000 more potatoes than it could sell has made me an expert...


  7. Will said...

    Any rotting fruit or vegetable does not really have a desirable smell :p

  8. Enil said...

    ohh...i was supposed to put it in poet form...i'll give it to you Yokel style...

    "What the potatoe he has to have one stinky smell been dirty brown smelly atire to kill the countryside man..."