Saturday, September 1, 2007

Taking trash from the dump

Because of where we live, we bring our own trash to a local dump. Usually this task is done on Saturdays and if I am home the job falls on me. If you have even been to a dump you know that all kinds of things get thrown away in the large item section, couches, shelves, random pieces of large wooden furniture, you name it. Today as I started to unload our trash, I looked over to the large items bin and saw what looked like the frames from some French doors. Never one to throw out possibly valuable trash, after I finished unloading I ran over and grabbed two of the frames. I had no idea what I was going to use them for, but I figured I could find something.

As I drove home I decided I would use them as a frame on my wall over a picture, sort of like a fake window with a fake view :p Now I just have to find a great picture to use...... leading candidate so far:

Oh yeah and a picture of the frames, I have two but I only have enough room on my wall for one.


  1. battered bob said...

    You're a genius!!! Those frames are awesome! And that is such a good idea!
    We call it "dumpster diving" :).
    Once I had to crawl into this dirty dumpster in the back of a grocery store. It smelled soooo bad!!!
    This lady was standing there and didn't realize I was in there. Suddenly I popped my head out and I thought she was going to pass out!!!
    It was soooo funny, it made up for it all :).

  2. Will said...

    Um why were you crawling in a dumpster behind a grocery store??

  3. battered bob said...

    Because we were moving so we needed to get cardboard for packing.