Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yard maintenance crew

Unknown to most of our friends is the fact we have a yard maintenance crew. This is not just any yard maintenance crew, this is a crew comprised entirely of deer! Sorry the pictures are a tad small, just click one to view it full screen.

Everybody smiling at the camera :)

Back to work!

Unfortunately, since the deer yard maintenance union has no restrictions on age, fawns doing the work of full grown deer has become an issue.

"The head chewer"
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  1. Anonymous said...

    dude!! why didn't you shoot that thing...its like an 8-pointer!!


  2. Will said...

    I can't shoot him yet, I would have to start mowing the grass again!

  3. Anonymous said...

    ha ha...the head chewer is kinda grisly though.


  4. Sleepy Joy said...

    Don't shoot him.....CAUSE HE'S ALL MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I want to shoot him!!!!!!!!!
    And to solve your problem, just have Nicholas mow the grass :).

  5. Scared Joy said...

    Oh my gosh!!! I think I am scarred for life!!! I just visited your brothers blog for the first time!!

  6. Will said...

    um yeah you might want to stay away from that if you want to stay sane...though half those posts are by Neil, the dude who posted as "Anonymous" up above

    Oh and Liv, you can have the "head chewer" There are around 4 his size or larger running around and the state limit I can take is 2 :/

  7. Sleepy Joy said...

    Is Neil Nick? Or is he the other one? I can't remember his name.
    I have given myself a different name on there so as to protect my identity!!!! I made the mistake of accidentally posting with my real name!! ahhhhhhh!!

  8. Will said...

    Neil posts as enil,
    Nick posts as Kor or koragorn...
    It is all very confusing, which is how they want it to be:p

  9. Matthew said...

    COOL DEER!!!!