Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Legos and my brothers

When I was younger, my one love was Legos. For probably 10 years they were the only thing I ever wanted when people gave me gifts. Because of that fact and also because I keep pretty much everything, I still have an enormous collection which my youngest brothers, Matthew and Sam love to play with. At first when they started playing with them a few years ago I limited what they could play with since they were not as old and still stuck the Lego pieces in their mouths.

Now that they are older they have free range to play with pretty much anything that is in my room. Though they are a tad destructive, I used to have several ships and castles completely built up for them to play with but those structures are long gone replaced by constantly changing setups re-enacting whatever story my brothers are acting out. Usually when they are in my room playing with them I am in there as well mainly reading or working. Listening to them talk is like window back to when I was their age and would spend hours playing in my own world.

The only downside to having Legos once again scattered about my room is I seem to step on every pointed angle with my bare feet. I now understand why my mother and dad always wanted me to pick my Legos up or at least make a path when I went to bed.


  1. Waiting for a picture Joy said...

    Mathew is so cute!! I haven't seen pictures of any of your siblings for so long.

    Glad your over the whole "lego" thing.
    Cause if you weren't...Hmmm, that would just be weird.

    Laughing horse heads dancing alligators.

  2. Will said...

    laughing horse heads dancing alligators??

  3. Sleepy Joy said...

    It was too late for me to be posting.
    That is my only explanation....