Sunday, September 9, 2007

Eyes have been saved

I AM BACK! Not a moment too soon it seems! While I am glad Sarah came out of hiding to post in my absence, I clicked on the blog to post and I was greeted by a garish yellow on red color layout! Thankfully I have muted the colors to a less blinding hue, I am sorry for any blindness that might have occurred because of Sarah's colors. I fear her cough may have rattled the color organizing part of her brain loose :(

Oh I also moved Sarah's "blogs I read" into the renamed link section...I think I might need to add some more links myself....I am uploading photos from the mountains to my computer and I will be posting later with them. I just wanted to post informing readers it was safe to return to the blog without worry of eye damage.


  1. Thankful Joy said...

    Ahhhh! I can see, *takes off sunglasses*.
    Well Will, thank you so much for saving my eyes. I had a blazing headache all last night due to visiting your blog after dinner.
    Though I am glad to see it back to normal, I think it needs a little something. Just something to make it not look so much like a hospital room??