Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Laborless day

Yesterday was Labor Day, the last three-day weekend of the year. I usually like three-day weekends; most of the time either my family or myself has something going on for that extra day off. But yesterday, my dad had to work and everyone else in my house had school stuff they were working on so we just stayed home. Since we had nothing planned, I decided I would just have a day of doing absolutely nothing, sounds great huh? It was not, it was actually rather weird. Usually on days I am not working, I still have stuff I need to get done, just not work at the office. For example, Saturday I wake up a little later, do various jobs inside and outside the house and by the time I am finished I only have a few hours of nothing going on.

Yesterday I literally had nothing to do the whole day and the day just seemed to drag on! By lunchtime I was feeling a little bonkers, I thought to myself, this must be how it feels when you are so rich you don't have to work. No wonder celebrities get in the messes they do, they have all this money and free time and it just gets them in trouble. I don't mind having free time I love having free time, but I also like having something to do, or maybe a better explanation is, I like having the option of doing something. :D Yesterday I could not even work if I wanted to because the market was closed! In the afternoon, I wanted to get out and do something so bad that I ended up going grocery shopping with my mom! Grocery shopping! I can't remember the last time I went grocery shopping with my mom; it was fun in a "lets see how much money we can spend on food" way. :p I did have a bit of an ulterior motive though since I wanted to swing by Home Depot and get some little picture hangers for my new window.

Anyway, because we went shopping rather late, we did not have dinner until 8 or so and by the time Sarah and I had finished the kitchen, it was almost 9pm. For some strange reason I then did not have enough time and ended up going to bed an hour later than I wanted to! The moral of all this is, while it may sound lovely to not have any work to do, I don't think I could live without working.


  1. battered bob said...

    Wow what a lazy person you are!!!!
    Today I slept until 11:00am!!!!!
    And then I got up and did some chores and then I slept til 2:30pm :).

  2. Will said...

    lol sleepy Joy is on the loose I see..I tried to be lazy, I tried all day to just lie around and not do anything it was good for about 2 hours. After that I felt like I was turning into a rock

  3. battered bob said...

    Hmmm, sleepy Joy, is that kinda like sleeping Rufus??

  4. Will said...

    :D you could say that