Friday, September 28, 2007

People being stupid news item of the week

Escaped convict found at police party

An escaped convict has been recaptured in Taiwan - at a barbecue party organized at the local police station. Police in Xinzhu city invited residents to celebrate the Moon Festival with them.

But officers could not believe their eyes when they saw an escaped drug dealer called Chen, who had just been listed as one of the city's most wanted criminals, at the party.

Police officer Cai Zhengtong, who was in charge of the barbecue, said: "I saw a man dressed in an eye-catching yellow windbreaker enter the place and sit in the corner.

"He was enjoying the barbecue with the others. I really couldn't believe my eyes, since the man was just the criminal we were seeking."

Police at the party quickly arrested Chen. He told officers he thought it would have been the last place police would have thought of looking for him.

It seems Chen, might have been been smoking some of those drugs he was dealing.


  1. abigail said...

    Whoa, barbeque party in Taiwan? :/

  2. 4 plus me said...

    Amazing, it didn't happen in NY ;)

    Ha, the reason my new name sounds like music is cause it is named after my new band. It's 4 guys plus me, Get it??

  3. Will said...

    Yes I actually had to search around for something that did not happen in NY! :p So when is your band going to make a southern tour?